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1.1. These are the Terms and Conditions of Use (“Terms“) for When we say “Site” we mean the website, as well as any related apps, the tools on our website which can help you plan your pension and our social media content. When we say “Us” we mean the Irish Pension Information Ltd.

1.2. These Terms tell you:

  • How our Site works;
  • What you can do with the ‘content’ – the stuff that is available on our Site; 
  • What we can do with things you post; and 
  • Your rights and responsibilities

We’ve tried to keep these Terms as short as we can and simple to understand. Please do read them and look out for changes as the latest version always applies. By continuing to use our Site, you’ll be considered to have accepted these Terms. If you don’t follow these Terms we may stop you using the Site.

Our Site is provided to you free of charge for your own personal and non-commercial use only. It’s all about sharing Pension information including regularly updated guides, tools and services, together with our views on how to maximise your pension. After lots of our articles you’ll see a comments section where you can discuss the articles with other users.

The information on our Site shouldn’t be taken as any advice, representation, or arrangement by us – you’re responsible for making (or refraining from making) any specific investment or other decisions. If we mention companies on our Site, we usually do so because of their attractive offers. We don’t usually vet them on customer service or whether they may go bust. Because the impact of our Site information can vary based on your particular circumstances, you should always carry out your own research into the product or service that’s of interest to you. You’re responsible for the decisions you make and we’re not liable for anything that happens as a result of you relying on the information provided on the Site. You should always seek advice from a Qualified Financial Advisor prior to making decisions around your pension so the advice offered is tailored to your particular needs and not the mass public. 

You will find the latest version of our privacy policy here. Our privacy policy is part of the terms and conditions of using our website so please read it in its entirety to see how we collect, use and protect your personal information.

5.1. This part of the Terms talks about how we use information provided by other websites or link through to them. We’re not responsible for their content or liable for anything that happens if you choose to use them. If you do buy products or services from another website, please first read its terms and conditions and privacy policy carefully. Remember: you’ll be bound by those terms and conditions and any personal information you give them will be used in line with their privacy policies, not ours.

5.2. Some of our Site links are ‘affiliate’ links, which take you directly or indirectly to a product provider and which may result in us receiving money if you click through to its site or buy a product or service from it. However, as our How this site is financed guide makes clear, our decision to include a link is never influenced by any money we could get.

Links from your website

5.3. If you link to our Site you’ll need to follow these Terms and any relevant laws. You’re also not allowed to pretend to be us, or suggest you’re endorsed by us, or connected to us, or link to us from content that could be offensive.

6.1. All the content on our Site is owned by us or used with the permission of the people who own it – our licensers – and is protected by Irish and international copyright laws.

7.1. By ‘user content’ we mean anything posted by users on our Site, for example comments on articles or Forum posts. You should only post content you’ve created independently. You’ll still be the copyright owner under Irish copyright laws of that content, but by posting it on our Site you agree and give us a licence to use/redistribute/make available and/or sell it whenever and however we want to without needing your permission, or needing to pay you. We may also automatically track certain links in your Forum posts, through Skimlinks or our own technology. 

7.2. We, or third parties we give permission to, can edit, change your content to meet our Site technical requirements, refuse to publish, or remove your content at any time. We’re not responsible for the deletion or failure to store either your or other users’ content.

7.3. If you’re under 18 you confirm you’ve the permission of your parent or guardian to submit content to us.

8.1. We’re not liable for any user content, which is the opinion of the person posting only and in no way reflects our opinions or attitudes. 

8.2. You guarantee that the content you post on the site or our social media doesn’t:

  1. 8.2.1. Breach these Terms;
  2. 8.2.2. Contain unlawful, libelous, misleading, discriminatory or fraudulent content;
  3. 8.2.3. Harm or offend other people in containing extremist views, appearing to incite or promote terrorist activities, or in being obscene, threatening, harassing, abusive, hateful, or embarrassing; 
  4. 8.2.4. Contain personal information or infringe any intellectual property right or privacy right of anyone else.

8.3. We may remove posts or restrict your ability to post if you go against the guarantees you give at section 8.2 above.

8.4. You can report any post that you feel does not follow these Terms.

Keeping our Site up and running relies on other technical providers, as well as making sure other people don’t try to do bad stuff to our Site. This isn’t always within our control and means that while we’ll do our best, we can’t promise that you’ll always have access to our Site, or its content will be delivered uninterrupted and without mistakes, or that the Site will not have viruses or other harmful properties. We’re not liable for anything that happens following your use of our Site and it’s your responsibility to put in place your own security measures to make sure any content you get through our Site can’t harm your own computer systems.

You agree to compensate us as a result of:

  • Any content that you post on our Site, or via any other communications systems;
  • Any actions you take that disrupt access to and/or the functioning of our Site; or
  • Any breach by you of your obligations under these Terms

11.1. If any parts of these Terms are found to be invalid, void or unenforceable it will be considered to be separate from the rest of these Terms, which will still apply.

11.2. Our failure or delay to act or enforce any part of these Terms shouldn’t be seen by you as us waiving any rights.

11.3. The Terms are a contract between you and us about your use of our Site. No one can enforce any parts of these Terms for you.

11.4. Irish law governs these Terms and only the Irish courts can resolve any dispute between us.

These Terms were published on 01 December 2022 and immediately replace and terms issued previously.

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