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How this Site is Financed?

Updated 15.09.2023

Irish Pension Information is a marketing company. We don’t charge our users a subscription fee to use our website nor do we sell any products to our website visitors. No charge is ever made for using the site. Irish Pension Information is free to use and always will be.  

Information Provided

The articles on the site are written with the best information, tips and tricks we have discovered during our journalistic research on each topic. The content creator has over a decade of experience working in the financial services sector in Ireland in both general and financial insurance products. However, instead of using this knowledge to provide advice this knowledge is used to provide educational articles on pensions for this site.

Please note the content on this site is for educational purposes only. We do not provide financial advice to our users instead we provide free articles and resources on pensions in Ireland. If you require financial advice you can request a review of your individual financial circumstances for the service you require on the site and we will connect you with one of our broker partners who do offer individual financial advice. 

We hope the articles produced will help you to improve your knowledge of pensions and enable you to maximise your pension pot.  We aim to do this by providing straightforward easy-to-read pension articles without the jargon.   

Broker Partners

In order to finance the site we receive a referral or introductory fee from a broker when we connect you with one of their financial advisors. When you request a free review on this site we send your information to our broker partners and request that they provide you with the free review. We receive compensation for this introduction. 

It is important to note we only use brokers that give you an identical (or better) deal than you would receive by going to them direct. 


What we spend money on?

Here are some examples of what we spend money on


Team of Editorial and Technical Staff

We have a team of highly qualified and skilled team members working at Irish Pension Information.

Our team include editorial and administration support staff to provide new and relevant content. We also have a software developer for maintaining and improving the tools and technical aspects of the site.

Please note none of our staff provide financial advice.

Servers & Site Maintenance

Keeping our site live and ensuring our site is delivering an enjoyable user experience to all who visit is an ongoing expense. We ensure the site is safe, easy to navigate and fast for you to use. 

Developing New Tools

We invest in the latest technology to offer you the tools you need to make the most of the information contained on the website. 

Research and Development

To keep up to date with the latest pension rules and market changes our staff regularly attend upskilling courses to ensure the articles and resources provided remain accurate and up to date.

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