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Your questions should be answered as you make your way through the Pension Access Information step by step. 

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As you are under currently working you will be unable to access this particular pension. You may be able access a different pension plan. Please see other access routes to this pension below.  

Stop Working

If you stop working it is likely you could access this pension. If you wanted to return to work after accessing this pension you can do so. It is important to note it can take approx. 3 months to access your pension and you would have to stop working for the entire period. 


If this is something you want to consider, please contact our Free Pension Helpline on 01 255 2553 for more information.

Ill Health Retirement

If you are unwell and need to access this pension under ill health grounds please use the form below to request a free Ill Heath Access Review.


You will need to provide a letter from your Doctor/Consultant stating you are unable to return to work in the industry that you grew your pension in. 

Can We Help?

It is likely given the limited option we were unable to help you with pension access but we may be able to help you significantly reduce monthly outgoings on your mortgage protection and any other protection policies you might have. Even a small saving each month can add up to thousands of euros over the lifetime of your mortgage. 

It is free to check and all you need to do is complete a 30-second form. Many people took out mortgage protection directly with their banks. You could be paying three times more than someone who has reviewed their cover.

In some cases the bank have this tied to your mortgage payment so you may not even realise you have this cover. If you have a mortgage but are unsure you have this cover it is very likely you can save money. You can easily reduce your mortgage repayments by obtaining this at a lower cost from another provider.

It is fast and its free. You’d be bonkers not to. 

How can I check if I can save money?

Simply complete a 30 second form with your contact details and a signature. If there is a second person on the mortgage they will need to complete their details on the form .You advisor then takes care of the rest. They will request the details of your current policy directly from your provider. 

They will then compare the cost for the same cover offered by other providers for example Aviva, Irish life, Zurich etc. If they obtain a lower quote they will call you and let you know. You can then decide whether or not you would like to proceed. 

What happens if I want to change provider?

You advisor will complete the paperwork with you over the phone. They will then send the completed paperwork to you for you and any others named on the policy to sign. This can be done online, in person or by post.

You advisor will then put your new cover in place and send an instruction to your old provider/bank to cancel your policy. If you were paying for this policy as part of your mortgage payment, your mortgage payments will now be reduced.


What You Need to Do?

Your  advisor will ask you to complete and sign a 30 second form with your contact details. This can be done online. Your advisor then uses this form as a permission slip to request the information they need from your existing provider to compare your policies. Don’t know who your provider is? Your advisor will be able to find out for you.


Ready to See if You Can Reduce Your Bills?

You can request the form you need  to get your protection policies reviewed below. We are limited in the number of free reviews our Broker Partners can process each week. The option to be placed on our waiting list will be made available once full capacity is reached.


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