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Will I Qualify for The Irish State Pension?

Find out if you will qualify for the Irish State Pension and if so how much you might receive per week in retirement. 

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What is the

Irish State Pension

The Irish State Pension provides financial assistance to you if you are age 66 or over. In order to receive the State Pension you must have contributed by paying PRSI (sometimes called stamps) in Ireland. 


You contribute by paying a portion of your income/wage towards the pension (PRSI) while you are working. If you look at your pay slip you will see a deduction has been taken for PRSI.


If you make enough PRSI contributions over your working life you will automatically qualify for the State Pension. The more contributions you have made the higher the amount you will receive each week in your pension payment. There are set rates payable depending on the number of contributions you make during your working life. We look at these rates below.  


What Are The

State Pension Rates

The rate of the state pension you receive is calculated by the average number of PRSI contributions your have made yearly throughout your working life.  


What Are

PRSI Contributions

PRSI or Pay Related Social Insurance Contributions are payments made by you and your employer to the Government each time you are paid. The money deducted from your pay is know as your PRSI Contribution. The money your employer pays is known as Employer PRSI.

Your PRSI payment covers you for certain social welfare payments including Job Seekers Benefit should you become unemployed. Your PRSI contributions also go towards your pension. We saw earlier in this article that the amount you receive from your state pension depends on the number of PRSI contributions you have made. 

Requesting a PRSI Contribution Statement

If you want to find out the exact number of contributions you have made you will need to request a PRSI statement from My Welfare.

You can Request a PRSI Contribution Statement online from To request your statement online you will need to have a My GovID account.

You can Set up a My GovID Account here if you do not already have one. 

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State Pension Calculator


Your Details

Start by filling in your current age and the age you were when you first started working & paying tax in Ireland. Odd or casual jobs were you did not pay tax should not be included.   



Years Worked

Next you need to put in the number of years you have worked in Ireland in total.  You need to deduct any time from your working life you spent not working and not paying tax. 


Get Results

Once you have added the information to our free state pension calculator you will get an indication of how much you might expect to receive from your State Pension in retirement. 

Calculate Your Weekly

State Pension

    State Pension Calculator

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    You now have an indication of how much you can expect to receive from the state pension in retirement. 

    Depending on your results you may have a number of questions. Here are the questions we are asked most frequently about results. 

    This is a common worry but you can take a number of proactive steps to increase your income in retirement.


    The most common way you might increase your income in retirement is by having a work or personal pension. These pensions offer you an additional payment on top of your state pension.


    For example you might receive €225.90 p/w from your State Pension and €250.00 p/w from your Private Pension.


    A private pension can significantly improve your quality of life in retirement. You can start a private pension for as little as €12.50p/w.


    Setting up a pension is easy. Find out more about Starting a Pension.

    You can start to claim your state pension once you reach the age 66. 

    You cannot access a State Pension early however there is a benefit payment (similar to Jobseekers Benefit) that is available for those who retire a year early at age 65.

    You need to have paid enough PRSI contributions to qualify and there is no requirement to look for work while on this payment. Many people use this payment to tide them over until they qualify for their state pension at age 66.

    You can review the qualification criteria for this payment here.

    Early Retirement is a goal many people would like to achieve. If you want to retire before the age of 65 you must have the financial means to support yourself. 



    Most people who retire early have a personal and or work pension which will provide them with income throughout their retirement.  



    Our advisors offer free pension reviews. During a free pension review your advisor will review your existing pensions. 



    They will project your weekly retirement income based on different retirement ages. This allows you to make an informed decision regarding early retirement. You can request a free retirement review here.



    A free retirement review can help you decide how much you should put into your pension fund and to proactively plan for early retirement. The earlier you start to plan the better.  

    Yes you can continue working while in receipt of the Contributory State Pension. As you have paid enough PRSI contributions and are entitled to the payment no matter what other income you have. 

    There is a second type of State Pension called the Non-Contributory State Pension.


    This pension is for those who don’t have enough PRSI contributions to qualify for the Contributory State Pension.


    This is a means tested payment. A means tested payment is a payment you receive only if your income is below a certain limit.


    For example those who are long term unemployed are on means tested payments. You need to demonstrate that you are unable to financially support yourself in order to receive this payment.


    This is far from an exciting prospect for most people. There are a some things you can do which may help you avoid having to apply for the Non-Contributory Pension.


    1. Start a Pension
    2. Pay Voluntary Contributions

    Getting a financial plan in place for retirement is always a good idea. As they say its never to late to make a good decision. 


    No matter what age you are there are many steps you can take now which will improve you financial security in retirement. 


    Our advisors offer Free Retirement Planning Sessions. You can discuss your goals for retirement and put a plan in place to achieve them. You can request a free retirement planning session below. 

    No there is no early access to the state pension. You may have heard of a friend who accessed some or all of their pension early. This is not possible with the state pension.


    If you have another pension and are interested in accessing it early you can find out more about early pension access here

    If you have spent time as a carer or as a homemaker you can claim a credit for up to twenty years spent working in the home.

    There are two ways to calculate your entitlement 

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