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What is a Pension? A pension is just a savings account that you use to save for retirement.


BUT if a pension is so straightforward then why does everyone make them so complicated?


Your guess is as good as mine! Throw in a few big words, fancy jargon and endless sales patter and your left thinking you need a degree in Rocket Science to understand them. Thankfully that is not the case.


The State Pension is paid to those who are 66 and over.

Most people work for the majority of their lifetime. During this time they pay tax to the government. Once they retire, the state then gives them a small weekly sum to live off. This is called the State Pension.

I say small because the State Pension in Ireland is around €250.00 a week. Could you live off €250.00 a week?

Most people look forward to retirement. They plan to travel, live abroad or do the things they have always wanted to do. In retirement you will have time to do these things but will you have the money?

If you are solely relying on the State Pension, you would be lucky to afford a small holiday every couple of years nevermind a yearly holiday.

With just the State Pension you are going to struggle to get by.  Want to top up your weekly income in retirement? If so you need to set up a pension.

A pension is designed for those who want to live comfortably in retirement. They want top up what they will get from their State Pension.

These people start a pension (savings account for retirement) so by the time they retire they will have some savings. They then use these savings to top up their weekly income.

If you have read about State Pensions above and thought to yourself…actually I’d be happy with €250.00 per week, then you probably don’t need a pension.

If on the other hand you thought…I earn more than that now. I need more than that to live on then you should consider starting a pension.

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