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Have you lost your pension? Are you unsure whether or not you had one in a previous job? If so tracking down your pension has never been simpler. 


We can connect you with a Qualified Financial Advisor who will track down your pension free of charge. To do this they will ask you for some information. The information they may need is noted below. 

Employer Name

Your financial advisor will ask you for the name of the company you worked with.

Length of Service

They may ask for an indication of how long you were with the company and what year you started. This information does not need to be exact. Your best guess will suffice.

In order to locate your pension your financial advisor will ask for your name, date of birth and contact details. If your pension may be held under a maiden name don’t forget to let your advisor know.


You will be asked to complete a letter of authority. This allows your financial advisor to contact all of the pension providers in Ireland and abroad (if applicable) to search for your pension. A letter of authority is a one page document and allows your advisor to access the details of your pension only. On the form you will need to fill in is your name, date of birth and your contacts details. 

Once your Financial Advisor has a completed letter of authority from you they will then approach all of the pension providers in Ireland to locate your pension. If you have a UK or international pension your advisor will contact the providers in the applicable but it may take them a little longer to find it. 

We work with a panel of Qualified Financial Advisors who offer a free pension tracing service. If you would like to trace your pension for Free complete the Trace Your Pension Assessment below. 

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