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There are three main types of pension that you can have in Ireland.

  1. State Pension
  2. A Work Pension
  3. A Private Pension

State Pension

The state pension is a weekly payment given to you over you are 66 in Ireland. There are two different types of state pension in Ireland.

The type of state pension you get will depend on how many weeks you have worked in Ireland over your life time.

Go to State Pensions for more information.

Work Pension

If you are employed you will probably have an occupational pension which is just a fancy way of saying you are saving for your retirement with your employer.

Some employers do not offer a pension scheme or you may decide you don’t want to join. If this is the case check out the personal pension options below.

You can find out more about Work/Occupational Schemes here.

Personal Pensions

If you are self employed then you don’t have an employer to set up a scheme for you. In this instance, you would normally set up a personal pension.

You could be employed and have a personal pension. This happens when your employer does not offer a work pension so you opt for a personal pension instead.

Are you are an employee but don’t want to pay into your work pension scheme? If this is the case you can set up a personal pension.

If you fit the above criteria, the best place to go next is to find out more about personal pensions.

Types of Pension (State, Work, Personal)

There are many different types of pensions you can have inside State, Work and Personal Pensions. Let’s list some of these for you below.

  • Contributory State Pension
  • Non-Contributary State Pension
  • Widows/Widower Pension
  • Defined Benefit Pension
  • Defined Contribution Pension
  • Personal Retirement Savings Account (PRSA)

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