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There are two types of state pension in Ireland. The one you choose will depend on your work history in Ireland and that of your spouse.

Contributory State Pension

The contributory state pension is the one you will choose if you and/or your spouse have worked in Ireland for many years.

It is called the contributory state pension because you or your spouse have contributed by working in Ireland and paying your PRSI (stamps) to the Government.

The amount of money you will receive weekly in retirement depends on the number of years worked/amount of stamps paid to the state.

The longer you have worked in Ireland the more you will receive each week in your state pension. There are different rates depending on the length of time worked.

One of the most important aspects of the Contributory State Pension is that it is not means tested. You can have any amount of money in your bank account or wealth and still be entitled to receive the Contributory Pension.

For more in-depth information including rates and rules go to Contributory State Pension.

Non-Contributory State Pension

The Non-Contributory State pension is for those who have not worked in Ireland or who have only worked for a short number of years.

This is a social assistance payment which means it is there for people who would have no money to live on and would struggle to survive without it.

For this reason it is a means tested pension. You will only be entitled to receive this payment if you have little to no financial resources yourself.

During a means test you will be asked about all of your wealth. Anything you own, bank balances, investments etc. This test allows social welfare to decide whether or not you have enough money to live on.

For more in-depth information including rates and rules go to Non-Contributory State Pension.

Choosing a State Pension

Depending on your circumstances it may be in your best interests to apply for a Non-Contributory State Pension even if you are entitled to a Contributory Pension.

If you or your partner have not worked in Ireland for that long and you are not entitled to the full rate Contributory Pension then you may receive a higher amount if you apply for the Non-Contributory State Pension.

In these circumstances your finances must be limited as you will not be entitled to the Non-Contributory State Pension if you do not pass the means test.

Are you entitled to a Pension from another EU country?

If you have worked for many years in another EU country you may be entitled to a pension from this country. For more information see EU Pensions.

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