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A personal pension is a pension that you have set up yourself.

Personal pensions are pensions which you set up and manage with your Financial Advisor. Sometimes they can be called private pensions.


If you are self employed you will probably have a personal pension. You could also have a personal pension if you want to top up your occupational pension so you have more money in retirement.


Life insurance and investment companies manage all personal pensions. You have probably heard of Irish Life, Aviva, Zurich and so on. There are two types of personal pensions

An RAC provides you with a regular income for the rest of your life regardless of how long you life.

A PRSA is just an investment account. You use a PRSA instead of an normal bank account to save so you don’t have to pay tax on the money you put into your pension.

A personal pension puts you in the driving seat. You can decide where you want to put your money and when. You can move your money around to suit you. So if you notice another pension fund doing well…you can take your pot and move it over. With a personal pension you decide where you think offers you the best value.

This may seem a little daunting but the right financial advisor will be able to compare your options highlighting the pros and cons of each making it easier for you to decide which investment is most suitable for you.

If you want to start a pension and are unsure where to start you should speak with a Qualified Financial Advisor. You wouldn’t buy a house without getting a solicitor to check all is in order. So you shouldn’t get a pension without speaking to a Qualified Financial Advisor. We suggest using a broker who has access to more than one companies products.  Getting the right advice and the best value is so important for your future goals.


If you want to start a pension then please request a call back here. If you already have a pension and want to see how it is performing then check out pension review.


A member of our team will contact you to discuss your goals. We will then connect you to the financial advisor best suited to your needs. There is no charge for this referral service. All of the advisors we work with are regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland and have access to products from more than one company.

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