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The government introduced pension tax relief because they want you to save for a pension. To stop wealthy people taking advantage of pension tax relief the government introduced limits.

The closer you get to retirement the more likely it is that you will start saving for it. The government knows this so the older you are the more money you can put in your pension pot tax free.

There are limits are as follows

A Table which shows the Pension Tax Relief Limits in Ireland.

The Government don’t want the wealthiest people in Ireland to be able to take advantage of this tax relief unfairly so there is an overall limit on the amount of earnings you can use to calculate the amount of tax free money you can put into your pension pot. This limit at the time of posting is €115,000.

So how does this work? Say John earns €160,000 a year. John is 50 and wants to put all the money he can into his pension pot tax free.

However the Government don’t want people stacking up outrageous amounts of tax free cash in their pensions so they and unfairly avoiding tax so they introduced the income limit.


If you are a Professional Athelete who would usually retire at an earlier age than most people then you can put 30% of your earnings into your pension pot tax free at any age. 

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