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Before making any decisions regarding your pension it is important for you to be informed about your pensions current performance. A Pension Health Check will do just that for you. You need to know the following 

The performance of many Pension Funds are down at the minute meaning your pension is more than likely losing money each month instead of growing.


This means now is an ideal time to carry out a Pension Health Check. 


During a Pension Health Check your Financial Advisor will review your pension and let you know how the fund is performing i.e how much it has grown or reduced by.


They will be able to compare this to other funds in the market advise you if your pension is performing above or below average.

Most Employer Pension Schemes are invested for the entire company and with this in mind are tailored to everyone and not just to you. This means your pension is likely invested in a fund where there is a little bit of everything. This is called a multi asset fund.



As the fund is invested in many assets you will normally see investments across different risk categories from high to low. When you start saving for a pension this is of little consequence to you because if the markets go down you have many years left before you access it and so have time for your pension fund to recover.



If you have a personal pension then reducing your risk during this turbulent time is probably wise to reduce the impact volatile markets will have on your pension. During your Free Pension Health Check your Financial Advisor will conduct an investment risk questionnaire which will indicate the level of risk appropriate for you. 


The next thing your Financial Advisor will review is the charges on your pension.  

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