Irish Pension Information

Transfer Expat Pension Home

Moving your pension home offers many advantages 

  1. Reduced Administration
  2. Easier to Control your Fund
  3. Adhere to Irish Pension Rules Only
  4. Reduced Costs

Once your Financial Advisor receives your pension details, they will contact you to discuss the options you have for moving your pension home. 

You may want to retire early or invest your fund to retire it at a later date. You should discuss your goals with your Financial Advisor so they can tailor their advice to your particular needs. 

We can recommend an advisor to you who has experience transferring a pension from the country you worked in to Ireland.

The advisors we work with offer a Free Expat Pension Transfer Service where they will access the details of your pension and advise you on the process and the costs of transferring it if any. There is no charge to use this information service.


For more complex transfers a fee may apply but this will be outlined by your advisor when providing the transfer information. You can then decide whether or not you wish to proceed with the transfer. 

There is no obligation to proceed with any advice/transfer using the Free Expat Pension Transfer Service.