Irish Pension Information

Couple discussing their pension holding paperwork.

So at this stage you will know how much is in your pension. The next step is figuring out how much you may want to take out and when. 

When deciding on the amount you may want to take from your pension or whether or not to access it you need to consider each of the following

  1. How much Tax you will pay?
  2. Tax on Accessing Your Pension Calculator
  3. Your Income in Retirement
  4. Retirement Income Calculator
  5. Your Pension’s Rules
  6. Your Pension’s Performance

After going through and completing the above steps you will have a much better idea of what options are most suited to you at this time.

You can then decide whether or not you want to access some, most or all of your pension, move it to a fund that is performing better or leave it where it is.

The Qualified Financial Advisors we work with do not charge a fee for obtaining your pension details, running through the steps above and making a recommendation for you.

You can then decide whether or not any of the recommendations are suitable for you.