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How to Get My Pension Access Options?

Irish Pension Information has organised an exclusive arrangement with our broker partners which entitles you to a free no obligation pension access review. As part of this Free Review your Financial Advisor will provide with a detailed report of your pension access options.


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What Information will I Receive from the Free Review?

Your advisor will provide the following as part of your free review

How Does the Free Review Work?

Your advisor will send you a one-page form to complete with your name, address, contact details, and a signature. This can be completed online in many cases. This form is known as a Letter of Authority and it allows your advisor to request the details of your pension directly from your provider. This removes the need for you to act as a “go between” throughout the entire process. You will only need to deal with your advisor directly. 


Once your advisor receives the details of your pension/pensions from your provider they will then compile a list of your pension options for you to review. 


You can then decide whether or not any of the options are suited to you. If you don’t feel any of the the options offered are suitable or you simply change your mind about access let your advisor know and they will close your review. There will be no charge as the review is 100% free with no obligation to proceed.


If you feel one of the options presented would work for you, you can let your advisor know and they will process your pension access for you based on the option you have selected.

FAQ's on Free Review

If after receiving your options you decide not to access your pension, your enquiry will be closed. The review is free so you will not be charged. 

Request Free Review

To request your free pension access review, please complete the details below and select how you would like your advisor to send the form to you. We will send the information from the form below and the pension access checker to your advisor. Your advisor will review the information sent and will be in touch with you shortly to commence your free review. You will have a chance to ask your advisor any questions you may have before submitting the form. 

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