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Who we are?

Irish Pension Information is a consumer site based on Irish Pensions. Irish Pension Information is owed and operated by Nikki Browne CIP, APA.

About Nikki

Nikki has worked in the financial services sector in Ireland for over a decade. She has experience working and providing advice on both general insurance and financial products (Pensions and Investments) and has gained recognised qualifications in both.

General Insurance Experience & Qualifications

She received certification from the Insurance Institute of Ireland after studying with University College Dublin/UCD to provide advice on general insurance products including home insurance, car insurance, liability Insurance, professional indemnity, business insurance, directors and officers cover etc.

While working in general insurance Nikki specialised in complex liability cases and professional indemnity. She regularly worked with and negotiated insurance contracts with Lloyds of London on behalf of her clients and her client base included multi-nationals. 

Financial Services (Pensions) Experience & Qualifications

Later Nikki transitioned to financial services and gained additional qualifications from the LIA through IT Sligo. These qualifications allowed her to provide advice on pensions, investments, loans including mortgages, and financial protection products such as Mortgage Protection, Life Insurance, and Income Protection.

While working in financial services, Nikki specialised in pensions and investments. She has provided financial advice and services to clients from many well-known companies including Google, Intel, Bank of Ireland, Ulster Bank, Permanent TSB, AIB, and DAA to name just a few.



Nikki is the director of Irish Pension Information Ltd. and no longer works in the financial services sector in Ireland. However, she is kept up to date by the panel of broker partners she works with every day.

Nikki believes everyone should have access to financial information which is easy to understand and implement. She now dedicates all her time to creating content on pensions and investments for this website.

All articles written by an experienced pension advisor.

All of the articles on this website are produced by Nikki who has direct experience providing each of the pension services discussed to clients in Ireland. 

This experience along with her dual qualification provides her with unique insight which allows her to create useful, informative pension articles which you can trust. 

About the Site

The site is dedicated to providing usable information to enable you to maximise your pension pot for retirement. We aim to provide this information in an easy to understand format. While pensions can be confusing we believe that they can be simplified to ensure the average pension has a thorough understanding of their pension at all times.

It is important that everyone has access to pension information that is easy to understand. Once you have the information relevant to your situation, you can then approach a Qualified Financial Advisor confident in the knowledge you already possess.

This website aims to breakdown the old fashioned belief that financial advice is for the elite. Financial advice is for everyone. I don’t believe there is anyone who cannot benefit from financial advice. Receiving the correct financial advice at the right time can make a substantial difference to your personal wealth no matter your circumstances. We want to encourage our readers to access this advice and secure their future wealth.

Consumer Safety

Consumer safety is paramount when dealing with your pension. We aim to educate consumers on how to stay safe. We provide information on how to ensure the advisor you deal with is registered and monitored by the Central Bank of Ireland. 

We also aim to provide information on the other state/non-state agencies involved in the pension sector and how you can use their websites to ensure you are safe hands when choosing your financial advisor. 

The site never charges consumers for pension information or to use the pension tools we make available to you such as our pension calculators. 


Any tips or suggestions on the site are purely down to experience or journalistic research from the Irish Pension Information Team. 


We know Consumers can increase their pension wealth by improving their pension related knowledge. You can use the articles on this site to keep your pension safe and ensure you get the best deal for your individual situation.   

The site generates income through affiliate links and advertising placed throughout the site. For more information please see how the site is financed. 

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